Economics for Independent Thinkers

Author: Daniel Nevins

Publisher: Wallace Press

Trim and format: 6 x 9 inch jacketed hardcover

Category: Economics/Business

Length: 320 pages

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Economics for Independent Thinkers undresses the ivory tower elite as it explains why the field of economics is stuck in a rut. But it also offers a way out. It binds together an assortment of unconventional ideas into a fresh set of tools for understanding the economy. It can add the crucial, missing perspective to your meetings with advisors, presentations at work, and conversations with friends or colleagues.

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“A profoundly insightful book that emphasizes the importance of credit and banks in business cycles, issues that are conveniently assumed away in most empirical macroeconomic models, including those used by central banks. Although a self-taught outsider with a remarkably broad knowledge of the intellectual history of economics, Nevins gives entirely new and different perspectives on the central policy issues of the day, including Keynesian stimulus and debt. Although many of the ideas here are parallel to ones at the cutting edge of modern research, Nevins’ analysis brings rare realism and sensibility, and his presentation is free of political dogma. Students struggling with the lack of realism in core Keynesian and classical models will find this book both richly informative and, frankly, cathartic. And it is written in an engaging and clear style that will be accessible to anyone.”
—Harvard University’s Kenneth Rogoff, coauthor of This Time is Different and author of The Curse of Cash